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How to Play Craps

In the dice casino game คาสิโนออนไลน์ไทย, two dice are thrown and the players bet on the outcome. The result is the total of the numbers that appear on the top face of the dice. 

The player who rolls the dice at that moment is known as the shooter. Before the dice are thrown, the players place their bets. The first shot of each round is called the come shot. If on the come shot the result is 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, the round ends, but the same player is still the shooter. If the result on the come roll is any other number, then that number is set as the point. The dice game operator, known as a stickman, presents the new shooter with five dice, for him to choose two. During the throw, the shooter makes the dice bounce off the opposite wall of the table. If in this process the die falls off the table, it is discarded. The shooter chooses another die from the three left to the stickman.

Craps offer a large number of bets. Some bets are decided on a roll. Other bets are decided after several tosses. If the predicted outcome comes to fruition, then the player is paid according to the pay table, otherwise the player loses their bet. Some of these bets have special names. The ‘I’ bets are placed on a result of 11 and the ‘Ace two’ bets on a result of 3 (1 on one die and 2 on the other). The ‘Dice’ bet is for a result of 2, 3 or 12.

There are other bets that can be decided on the results of multiple spins. The ‘pass line’ and ‘no pass line’ bets are examples of these. On the come roll, if the result is 7 or 11, then the ‘pass line’ bet wins and the ‘no pass line’ bet loses. 

After each spin, the losing bets are removed from the table and the winning bets are paid according to the pay table. Bets that are not yet decided remain in place, along with new bets.

Dice Strategy.

There are many bets on craps. Unlike games like roulette, in which all bets have the same house edge, the house edge for craps ranges from 1.4% to 15%. Therefore, it is a good strategy to know which bets have a low house edge and which ones have a high house edge. This is not easy, as different casinos offer different payouts for the same bet. Expert players can calculate the house edge for each payout and make the plays, but it is a better strategy for newbies to simply learn which bets to play and which to avoid. The ‘pass line’ and ‘no pass line’ bets have the lowest house edge and therefore must be the base bets. Although these bets pay only 1: 1,

Craps attract players with higher house edge bets due to the higher payouts. However, good dice players are not attracted to these payouts, as although they are high, they are not as high as they should be.

Using the ‘press it’ option is a good strategy. It works as follows: The first time a player wins a 1: 1 bet, he collects his winnings but lets the betting continue. If he wins again, he asks the dealer for the ‘press it’ option. The dealer adds the winnings to the bet. As the player has got his original bet back, he can continue with his winnings.

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